2003/07/03: Report of Networld+Interop'2003 in Japan

Here is report of Networld+Interop'2003 which held in Makuhari in Japan. In this web, I mainly focused on IPv6 activity in Japan.

I prepared link to vendors and products for further understanding. Most of the links are to English pages but several of vendors only provide Japanese page.

Hitachi is one of Platinum sponsor of N+I. There were huge banners in many places.

img_1205 img_1206 img_1208

IPv6 Showcase. All of devices in this section support IPv6.

img_1212 img_1209 img_1210 img_1211

Cisco 1750, SOHO router supports Prefix Delegation and IPv6 firewall functionality including stateful inspection.


Radius server software by Accense.

img_1214 img_1215

6WIND Gate 6100, SOHO router.


IIJ SEIL/neu, SOHO router


Allied Telesyn exhibit L2 Switch(8724XL) which supports MLDv1 snooping and SOHO router supporting PD client functionality.


Wireless(802.11b) card can be inserted Sanyo Digital Camera. The camera send image data to Home Gateway from HotSpot. You can see the photos/movies in the Home Gateway from TV by its remote controller.

img_1220 img_1219

Sony and FreeBit provide IPv6-ready CoCoon channel server to trial users.


Fujitsu made IPsec accelator supporting IPv6 and IPv4.

img_1223 img_1224 img_1225

Access(famous company of web browser for embedded devices such as cellular phone), Elmic System and Wind River exhibit their IPv6 protocol stack.

img_1226 img_1227 img_1228 img_1229

TCP/IP chip supporting IPv6 and IPsec by Hitachi(Renesas) Photo is sample implementation by the chip.


Mobile IPv6 sensor managed by RFID system. This sensor was used for tracking cow.


Linux Zaurus is PDA based on Linux made by Sharp. Kernel is changed to support IPv6 for demonstration.


HP OpenView for network management.


Module type mobile access router by Cisco. Typical usage is it's embedded into car.


STORM, Network simulator by Nihon Cornet.


Smartbit, Network device tester.

img_1237 img_1244

Winbiff mailer for Windows. IPv6 is supported since April 2001.


Chiervo is IPv6 Peer-to-peer application. This is demo of messenger and file sharing.

img_1239 img_1240

MPEG4 server by CEC.


IPv6-ready logo.


Netscreen, firewall vendor support IPv6. This is Press release


BIG-IP by F5 Networks, load balancer.


ZebOS is routing protocol suite by IPinfusuion


IPv6 ready air conditioner and Microwave.

img_1277 img_1278

Other network equipments which support IPv6. Hitachi GS500, Hitachi GR2000-BH, Yokogawa translator, Hitachi AG8100-S, Foundry NetIron 4802, Fujitsu GeoStream R920, Juniper M5/M10, NEC SW and Hitachi GR4000.

img_1249 img_1250 img_1251 img_1252 img_1253 img_1254 img_1255 img_1257

This section is report for normal booth. But 20-30% of them talked about IPv6.

F5 Networks did detail demonstration in their booth.

img_1258 img_1259

Hitachi showed new version of BAS and translator, AG8100S-B, AG8100S-T. Other demo is media converter and blade server.

img_1262 img_1261 img_1260

New switch by Foundry, NetIron 40G. All of interfaces are 10GbE.


This is 4th generation switch desifned for 10GbE by Extreme. This is not product yet.


Nortel also annouce to support IPv6 in their router.

img_1265 img_1266

You can see lots of 10GbE-ready equipment in NOC(Network Operation Center) rack. GR4000 is one of them.

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